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With an over 40 year history of IT, witnessing the early years of Data Processing evolving to a world of Information Technology, I voluntarily and willingly accepted the plan for Early Retirement.

Living this new era, I chose not to begin with the art of gardening or painting, nor to sip margaritas at a golf clubhouse, which I probably could not afford. Nor did I choose to commit myself to any of the highly honored and appreciated social work.

Instead, I chose something I know I would enjoy (I've proven that myself for the past 40 something years) and what I believe, I am good at. And this is to develop and code software applications.

With this choice, I will be committed to continue learning and accepting new challenges. All, without the pros and cons of management pressure. The idea here is not to throw all of my expertise overboard, even though I admit some of the stuff is outdated, some was outdated before I ever got to comprehend the whole picture and also constantly keeping up new technologies as a 'mainframer' is not so easy.

I know it will feed my still existing burning desire to be part of the onward moving and fascinating world of IT. And being in this fortunate situation of early retirement, I am able to have the space and time applying my experience, researching, contributing, designing and coding IT-solutions.

At this point, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all the remarkable persons I had met along the way and also to all those invisible and modest geniuses sharing their knowledge and experience through the internet.

Currently, there is no definite plan of what and how many projects are to develop, but beginning with a small java web application driven by an apache server and tomcat content manager with a mySQL database, is a start for me. I plan to have this software wrapped up with a demo login and will disclose most of the source code 'as is' for reference in the near future.

So, wherever this may take me, I will surely enjoy the journey.

It's about continuing one's passion to develop and code software applications when entering the early retirement phase. Also to provide a platform for such projects.

The idea here is to host some of the developments as a demo. A private entity with a separate database and individual logins may be requested via my contact page.

The applications are 'as is'. Most pieces of the software will be disclosed and may be used for reference.

on a visit in Detroit,MI early 80's